Tara Tremendous: Egyptian Curse

Ages: 7 - 12Producer: Pinna Subscription Price: $ 7.99 per Month

A suspenseful, action-packed podcast based on Wonkybot Studios’ previous show, “Tara Tremendous: The Secret Diaries,” about an 11-year-old girl who, through an inadvertent DNA transfer and a clash with the nefarious Dr. Epic, acquired every existing superhero power. This 12-episode (12 to 23 minutes) new stand-alone season, performed by a dynamic voice cast, begins at Power University, Tara’s boarding school tailored to students with special abilities. Tara is haunted by recurring dreams about a strange symbol and UFOs over one of the great pyramids of Egypt and her obsession soon threatens her position at the school (further jeopardized by a back-stabbing classmate and the headmaster’s scheming assistant). Meanwhile, Dr. Epic, in league with Tara’s hateful aunt, has traced the symbol to an ancient, buried city in Egypt, convinced it holds a source of the ultimate power he craves. What it actually conceals will spell doom for the Earth, unless Tara and a certain Egyptian goddess can defeat it.  With well-drawn characters, humor, plenty of cliff-hangers, atmospheric music, and an imaginative plot (it includes aliens, robots and World War II-era flashbacks), this “theater of the mind” offering is thoroughly enjoyable. A Pinna Original production, the show was created, written, and voice directed by veteran children’s and family television writer/producer Stewart St. John.


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