Ten Fish

Ages: 4 - 10Manufacturer: Absolute Zero


This fun twist on the classic Go Fish really adds up. In this easy to learn and fun for all card game, players work to make sets of ten fish.

Each player is dealt three cards and each card has a value from 0-10. The remaining cards are placed face down and spread out to create a “fishing pond.” Players must use two or more cards to make a school of 10 fish.

By turn, each player requests a specific value card from an opponent. If the opponent has the card, they must give it to the requesting player. If the opponent does not have the card, the requesting player goes fishing in the draw pile, picks up one card and their turn ends. Play continues until one player runs out of cards. The person with the most sets of 10 is the winner.

Affordable, portable and fun.

Parents’ Choice ©2019 Parents’ Choice

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