The Baby Beluga Game

Ages: 3 and upManufacturer: Child and Nature

In this heartwarming game, players work together to guide Baby Beluga and his friends out to the ocean to swim wild and free. Created in collaboration with beloved children’s entertainer (and multiple Parents’ Choice Award winner) Raffi, this co-operative board game can be played with 1-8 players and allows for three levels of play.

For the youngest, it’s a gentle introduction to playing a board game – following directions, simple counting, identifying colors, and language. For older players, the emphasis is focused on cooperation, using social skills, and offering suggestions or encouragement to others.

The Science pages in the well-written Guidebook are filled with information about the environment, sea creatures, other animals, and the ocean. Several movement games are also suggested such as, Jellyfish Float & Name Stomp.

As an added bonus, you can download Raffi singing Baby Beluga — just in case you’ve forgotten the words.

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