The Future King

Ages: 8 - 12Author: James Riley


In The Future King, the second volume of bestselling author James Riley’s The Revenge of Magic series, the novel’s young hero, Fort Fitzgerald, is faced with the daunting task of saving the city of London – and possibly the rest of the world – from total destruction. As the novel begins, Fort and his supernaturally gifted friends, Rachel and Jia, embark on a perilous adventure across the ocean and back and forth in time in search of a long-lost book of powerful Spirit magic. Their quest leads them to Glastonbury, Stonehenge, the grave of King Arthur, and the kingdom of the faeries. Along the way, they are forced to defy the commands of a hotheaded military commander, to match wits with a wicked queen, and to do battle with an old friend who has been transformed by magic into a ferocious, lightning-breathing dragon. However, the story’s real drama centers around the difficult moral choices that young Fort must make in order to fulfill his task. Should he risk being seduced by the power of Spirit magic? Should he take away the freedom of others in order to protect them from their own greed and violence? Should he sacrifice his own father in order to save the rest of the world? While the book’s early chapters contain plenty of information about Fort and his friends’ earlier adventures, The Revenge of Magic will probably be more enjoyable for young readers who are already familiar with the first book in The Revenge of Magic series, appropriately titled The Revenge of Magic.


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