The Girl Who Could Fly

Ages: 9 - 12Publisher: Macmillan USA Narrator: Cassandra MorrisAuthor: Victoria Forester

Originally published in 2009, Victoria Forester’s award-winning novel, The Girl Who Could Fly, is the story of Piper McCloud, a spirited young county girl who was born with the ability to float through the air. When the story begins, Piper is being homeschooled by her well-meaning but over-protective parents, Betty and Joe, on the family farm in Lowland County. After Piper causes a scandal by displaying her aerial abilities at a local baseball game, she is sent by her parents to I.N.S.A.N.E., a remote, highly secretive, maximum-security boarding school for children with unusual talents (super-human strength, exceptional intelligence, the ability to heal, telekinesis). The school’s director, the stunning but fanatical Dr. Letitia Hellion, has devoted her life to helping gifted children overcome their “terrible afflictions,” urging her students to renounce and abandon their unique abilities for the life of a “normal” child. In the book’s exhilarating climax, Piper and her friends from the school’s 13th level join together for a daring escape and a final confrontation with Dr. Hellion. Translating Forester’s vividly realized characters and fast-paced action sequences into audiobook form is a formidable challenge, but award-winning voice actor Cassandra Morris, best known for her narration of numerous Japanese anime films, is fully up to the task. Morris narrates the story’s action-packed scenes with a breathless intensity and a childlike sense of wonder that never falters. In the spirit of X-men and the Harry Potter novels, The Girl Who Could Fly will delight and inspire children who know what it means to feel different, ostracized, or unappreciated and who long to belong to a special group of friends.


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