The Inspectors

Ages: 13 - 16Producer: Litton Entertainment

Go postal with The Inspectors. You’ll enjoy it.

This half-hour, live-action drama is about something we rarely see: U.S. Postal Service inspectors. They’re not the mail clerks at the counter helping you put proper postage on a package.

Here, Amanda Wainwright (played by Jessica Lundy) is a crime-solving detective. They are federal laws that can get you thrown in jail regarding packages and the mail, and she and her colleagues are the ones who will track you down if you break the law.

In one episode, someone has mailed a snake to his former science teacher. That’s dangerous! In another episode, a letter carrier is badly beaten by a gang who steals his mail. And in another, frat guys are bashing mailboxes and one of them is rigged with an explosive. Who exactly was supposed to get blown up? It’s serious business.

Amanda’s smart, charismatic son, Preston (played by Bret Green) who lost the use of his legs as well as his father in a car accident, works as an intern at the postal inspectors’ office with his mom. Preston is still struggling with the aftermath of the loss and with his new life in a wheelchair. He’s a kind, thoughtful and genuine character.

While the main plot of each episode highlights a crime that involves abuse of the postal service, subplots revolve around whatever is happening at the local university where Preston and his friends, Noah and Veronica, go to school. In one episode, Veronica gets jealous of Preston’s new friend, a young woman who is also in a wheelchair. Her name is Kendall and she seems to be getting very close to Preston. They have so much in common that it worries Veronica—until Preston reassures her.

The show isn’t edgy, although there’s plenty of drama, but each episode is compelling and offers inspirational messages about not letting anything stop you from working towards your dreams, while also earnestly portraying the frustrations of everyday life.
And we see some daring arrests made by postal inspectors.

Ann Oldenburg ©2018 Parents’ Choice

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