The Lost Boy’s Gift

Ages: 8 - 11Producer: Macmillan Audio Narrator: Justine EyreAuthor: Kimberly Holt


In the first chapter of Justine Eyre’s new audiobook, The Lost Boy’s Gift, nine-year-old Daniel Peppergood has just moved with his mother away from his childhood home to a yellow cottage in a small town across the county. Upon his arrival at his new community, Daniel, whose parents have recently divorced, is too angry over all the recent changes in his life to appreciate the charms and wonders of his new neighborhood on While-A-Way Lane – the friendly animals and birds, the hopscotching mailman, the melodies of a hidden saxophone floating along the sidewalk. As the weeks pass, Daniel slowly begins to open up to his new surroundings, noticing the amiable squirrels that accompany him to school each day and the fireflies that flutter across the yard each night, and forming a friendship with Tilda Butter, an eccentric neighbor who talks to the ants, snakes, spiders, lizards, and birds that live in her garden. Things really begin to improve for Daniel when he lands a role as one of the Lost Boys in the school production of J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, and develops a crush on his fellow cast member, Annie, a kind-hearted young girl who is determined to save the endangered animals and insects of the world with the profits from her lemonade stand. By the end of the story, Daniel has formed a number of new friendships, developed a deep bond with his mother, and learned the importance of opening his eyes and ears to the world around him. With its talking animals and affectionate fireflies and the lovely, whimsical narration of actress Justine Eyre, The Lost Boy’s Gift will probably have the strongest appeal for the younger readers in its recommended (8-11) age range.

Running time: 3 hours, 12 minutes

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