Ages: 8 - 12Producer: Hachette Audio


As her family was getting ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year, young Pacy Lin was wondering about the significance of the Year of the Dog.

“It’s a good year to find yourself,” Pacy’s mom says, explaining it’s a good time for “deciding what your values are, what you want do to.”

What Pacy wants to do is fit in at school. Her name is Pacy, but at school she’s called Grace. She and her two sisters are the only Asian-American students, until Grace finds Melody, who is also Taiwanese-American. Through issues with Melody, school assignments, friends and culture and the many wise pieces of advice offered by her mother, Pacy discovers what she wants to do just in time to celebrate the next Chinese New Year, The Year of the Pig.

Beloved author Grace Lin’s debut novel has been read and reread since its publication in 2007. Here, Kim Mai Guest’s enchanting narration enhances the experience for young readers. Listeners will hear a little girl who is curious, sassy, bored, thrilled, and a mom who is wise and calm. Be sure to keep listening to the extra chapters, including a note from the author.

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