Timber Tots Tree House

Ages: 2 - 6Manufacturer: Fat Brain Toys


There’s something about a treehouse, be it real, a toy, or central to a storybook. It’s cozy, magical, and filled with adventure and friends.

The Timber Tot Treehouse is a portable playhouse ready for imaginative young minds. The press of a button nested atop the tree opens to display the welcoming interior. There’s a living area with a fireplace, two beds, a table with four chairs, and an armchair. Take the elevator to the lower level where Eliot the Chipmunk and Ruby the Bear can use the swing, pack the car for a drive to Grandma’s or just hang out in the rest area.

Our young testers were captivated from the start. The children embraced the spirit of nature, family and friendship, employed fine motor skills, role played, and invented charming (and sometime hilarious) stories. Our parent testers were delighted with the quality and appeal; they couldn’t have been happier that the playhouse storage makes for easy clean up – and teaches a bit about taking care of one’s things.

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