Tiny Baking!

Ages: 8 and upManufacturer: Smart Lab Toys


This crafty cooking kit is a fetching and fun teeny tiny baking set of tools to make teeny tiny cakes and cupcakes. It comes complete with miniature versions of a rolling pin, cupcake and cake pan, spoon, knife, teaspoons (referred to as “wee-spoons” in the recipes), a cookie sheet, a detailed recipe book, and a tin storage container to keep all of these little pieces together. The easy to follow recipe book instructs bakers on how to create mini-mini desserts from scratch and includes a tasty recipe for homemade frosting. And yes, there’s a wee bit of science in here too.

Our parent testers did note that depending on the recipe, food waste could be an issue. For example, a recipe calls for 3 “wee-spoons” of egg but a “wee-spoon” may be about a quarter of a regular teaspoon so plan to make several batches. Aside from that, they found the kit a super fun activity, especially for a child (and adult) into baking and cooking.

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