Today Is Art Day Historical Figurines

Ages: 10 and upManufacturer: Today Is Art Day


David Beaulieu first launched Today is Art Day as a as a social media feed in 2014. He wanted to make artists and artwork more accessible through stories, images and building a community.

From there, David put his distinctive mark on collectibles. Instead of superheroes or pop culture personalities, Today is Art Day’s figures take their inspiration from actual creative and scientific geniuses. There are 16 wonderfully imagined and crafted historical “collectible” figures based on icons from science, art and music. As of this writing, there are four figures with AR worlds to explore. Albert Einstein’s lecture hall, Marie Curie’s lab, Leonardo DaVinci’s studio and Nikola Tesla’s experimental Station.

The free AR app, available in both iOS and Android, is a snap to download and use. Launch the portal and walk into the person’s world. As you move your mobile device and walk around the rooms, there are a few objects to click on. There are even a few burbling sounds coming from Mme Curie’s lab equipment. The app is a nice companion to the figures, allowing a 3D stroll and glimpse into each famous person’s studio, lab, lecture hall or study. It’s one of the better implementations of AR we’ve seen, as it gives the user a real sense of stepping into another time and place, providing interesting historical context for each. It’s refreshing to have this added perspective.

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