TOI Frank’s Fish Shop Game

Ages: 2 - 6Manufacturer: TOI Toys Co.


The clever design and packaging of Frank’s Fish Shop delivers three different games – determined by how the gameboard/box is configured.

For the youngest, Help Frank to Fish is a color recognition and shape sorting game with a hook (sorry, we couldn’t resist). After assembling the game board as shown, players choose one of four colorful “creels” (baskets) to hold the fish. In turn, players roll the die and try to catch the shape shown with a magnetic fishing rod. When a player catches a shape of her/his color, that player may choose to add it to her basket or give the shape to the player with that color and earn a gold coin token. Lots of good lessons here.

The Buy Fish game takes shape recognition and turns it into an introductory lesson in budgeting. And the Fishing Contest is a self-explanatory two player competitive game.

Although the translation of the instructions isn’t seamless, our testers weren’t deterred. With skill-building properties like color and shape recognition, fine motor skills, and basic math, language differences were quickly forgotten.


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