Topper Takes a Trip

Ages: 2 and upManufacturer: MindWare


Packaged in a suitcase-shaped box, this playful learning game is a treat. There are five destination cards: Grandma’s House, School, a Sledding Hill, the Beach, and the Forest — each with its own 5-item illustrated packing list.

First, adult and child talk about each location: recalling a recent or planned trip, maybe what the weather’s like and who might be there. Then, display each location card and ask the child to match the packing list with the destination. Once the child chooses a destination, he/she then finds the game pieces to complete the packing list. After each required item is placed in the suitcase, close the box and pretend to travel. Upon arrival, unpack and use the pieces to make up a story, or two or three.

As children play this charming game, they’ll learn matching skills, build some vocabulary, and get introduced to instructions. But most of all, adult and child will delight in pretend play.

Appropriate for players as young as 2, the contents include: 5 location cards, 5 packing lists, 25 items to pack, a suitcase, and a lovely parent guide with instructions.


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