Tropical Fish Sudoku Game

Ages: 4 - 6Manufacturer: TOI Toys Co.


If you’re looking for a fun way to introduce Sudoku to children (or their adults for that matter) toi World’s Tropical Fish version is a good place to start. Although the instructions could benefit by a better translation, and our testers thought four-year-olds were a bit too young, after a quick spin through some YouTube instructions, players soon took to the game like, uhm – like fish to water. Our first-time Sudoku players started with the fish and our young numerologists started with the numbers.

Each set contains double-sided magnetic game tokens (one side is a fish illustration and the other side a number) 50 double sided challenge cards with holder, and a total of 70 Sudoku puzzles. The challenges start with 4×4 grids and progress to 6×6 grids. Our young testers learned patience and honed their observation and pattern recognition and logic skills.


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