Ultimate Go-Kart

Ages: 3 - 8Manufacturer: Radio Flyer, Inc.


According to our testers, Radio Flyer’s Ultimate Go-Kart is aptly named.

Our parent testers reported that even though the assembly takes a bit of time, it’s not complicated and only minor tools are needed. They were over the moon that the 24 volt battery is easily accessed, charges quickly, and keeps the charge for a long time.

The adjustable seat makes reaching the pedal just a few clicks away and the three speed settings (2.5, 5, or 8 mph) can limit how much chasing the supervising adult needs to do. With a sturdy one-piece metal frame, the rear drive vehicle performs best on flat hard surfaces; the steering assembly is well designed and responsive when turning. Although there is a light seat belt, safety helmets are a must.

Styled to look exactly like an amusement park go kart but sized smaller and more manageable, the Ultimate Go-Kart is (almost too) easy to take out for a spin. Please maintain social distancing.


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