Ages: 8 - 12Producer: Hachette Audio


Eighth-grader Bartholomew Bean has recently moved with his father, a gym coach named Bill, and his dog, Pickleback, to Rancho Verdugo, California, from their home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Compared with the gifted and ambitious students at his prestigious new middle school, Bart leads a humdrum day-to-day existence that makes him invisible to his classmates, except for the three school bullies who torment him each day. Unknown to both his classmates and his father, young Bart is a computer wizard who spends every moment of his free time in his bedroom at home glued to his laptop, creating an interactive sci-fi videogame called Hecklr. Using his smartphones, Bart, who invents the game for his own private use, can see and combat a group of squishy, hideous alien (called Lerkians), intent on disabling cell phones, computers, and any other device with electricity running through it. After one of Bart’s classmates receives a mysterious email with a link to the game, the entire town becomes caught up in Hecklr mania, with everyone using their cell phones to engage in a virtual battle against the mischievous aliens. After the game is showcased live on a popular YouTube program, formerly boring Bart becomes a celebrity, winning the respect of his father and his new friend and neighbor, Cybergirl03. With lively narration by voice actor, Adam McCarthur, Unbelievably Boring Bart is a fast-paced, action-filled adventure that will provide young listeners with insights about the power of imagination, the advantages of working together with friends to achieve a common goal, and the benefits of always trying to see the best in others.

David Shirley ©2019 Parents’ Choice

David Shirley’s recent nonfiction titles include A History of Brooklyn Bridge Park and Fix It Leroy! His YA biographies, Every Day I Sing the Blues: The Story of B. B. King and Satchel Paige: Baseball Legend were honored as the New York Public Library’s Best Books for Teens.

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