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Ages: 3 and upManufacturer: Universal Yums


Talk about fun! You’ll have to try really hard not to talk with your mouth full.

The Universal Yums subscription boxes, country-themed collections of sweet and savory snacks, come in three sizes and costs: Yum Box: $15, Yum Yum Box: $25, Super Yum Box: $39

Each box delivers an intriguing adventure for curious taste buds and minds, sparking interest in a variety of cultures and customs. A colorful guidebook serves up fun tidbits about the country, descriptions of the snacks, trivia, games and even authentic recipes.

Our testers learned about a “smart city” in South Korea where trash is sucked underground and sorted, the “city of gold” (El Dorado) in Columbia where buildings, roads, and even rivers are made of and flow with gold, and about the Monkey Forest in Bali, Indonesia, home of 700 monkeys and visited by 120,000 tourists per month! They tried bacon chips that look (and taste) like little, crispy, fried pieces of bacon from Columbia, hard candies that taste like rice from South Korea, and hamburger-shaped gummies that taste like cola from Indonesia! The families devoured the excitement of each box for and couldn’t wait to dive into the next.

Universal Yums purchases the snacks directly from the companies that make them. Their food safety and compliance team ensures products comply with FDA regulations.  Ingredients of each snack are listed, and some are marked gluten-free.

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