Walkie Chalk

Ages: 3 and upManufacturer: Walkie Chalk

Walkie Chalk is an extendable holder for sidewalk chalk that allows artists, graffiti or otherwise, to draw or write without having to bend over, crouch down, kneel or sit on the sidewalk.

On sunny days, my children squabble over who gets to use this bit of genius. In reviewing this toy, we used not only the two large included pieces of chalk, but our entire stash of sidewalk chalk, too. While I would love to say that they’ve transformed dull sidewalks into beautiful masterpieces … the first thing one of my thirteen year old twins “created” on our sidewalk was a impressively colorful “H-E-L-P”. Happily, his younger siblings altered it into a wonderful ground mural that won’t summon a visit from the authorities.

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