Why Do We Cry?

Ages: 3 - 7Publisher: Kids Can PressAuthor: Yvette GhioneIllustrator: Fran Pintadera


This gentle book is not only beautiful but valuable, perhaps now more than ever. As we are facing a scary, unpredictable world that can regularly bring us to tears, this is just the book you want to have on your child’s shelf, ready to be pulled down at the right time.

Written by Fran Pintadera, Why Do We Cry? is thoughtful and quiet. Words of wisdom are imparted to young Mario, who has asked one simple question: “Mom, why do we cry?” Among her answers: “If we didn’t cry, we’d turn to stone.” And, “Sometimes we cry because we can’t find the right words. Lucky for us, tears speak an infinite language.”

The fluid, muted illustrations by Ana Sender give the feel of movement and water on every page, whether literally portraying a rainstorm or just strands of hair swirling in the wind. The overall effect will sweep you away as you feel sadness, anger and happiness amid the tears.

A bonus feature comes on the last two pages titled All About Tears, with a definition and explanation of tears, along with facts about tears and activity questions to consider after reading the book. It’s a nice touch of science — a factual approach to answering the title question — after an enchanting emotional journey.


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