Wild Honey from the Moon

Ages: 4 - 8Publisher: Candlewick Press Author/Illustrator: Kenneth Kraegel


One cold wintry night, little Hugo gets sick. He’s sleeping and sleeping. His head is cold; his feet are hot. Mother Shrew learns that the only cure is wild honey from the moon.  Without missing a beat, Mother Shrew grabs her red umbrella and gives Hugo a kiss.

Where are you going?”
To the moon. A quick trip.”
But you can’t fly.”
“Darling, I am your mother,” she said, and gave him one last kiss.

Travelling to the moon through Kenneth Kraegel’s illustrations, Mother Shrew encounters one roadblock after another. But nothing will stop her. She turns foes into friends and obstacles into opportunity. Divided into seven chapters, the book follows Mother Shrew as she meets an owl, some unusual horses, a large butterfly and a Queen Bee. Things appear scary at first, but not for Mother Shrew. She’s undaunted and fearless.

The beautiful, whimsical drawings are expressive and imaginative, engaging readers to look at every inch of the page. The fanciful, clever story will make you cheer the determination and wiles of a mother on a mission to help her son against an unknown threatening disease. Wild Honey from the Moon is a perfect story for our time, but it’s also a perfect story for any time.


Ann Oldenburg ©2020 Parents’ Choice

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