Wild Kratts Magazine

Ages: 5 - 17Publisher: Topix Media Lab


The characters from the Wild Kratts PBS television show star in this animal-themed magazine, explaining the Creature Powers of a variety of animals in each issue. Issues are loosely themed-one might focus on underwater creatures, while another might focus on endangered animals and the threats they face. Each volume follows a simple format. Each two-page spread simply introduces a different animal, with a cartoon discussion between some of the Kratts about the animal, and a photograph of the animal in its habitat. Many page spreads include a small puzzle, maze, or word scramble about the animal, so that activities are scattered throughout rather than confined to one section. Some issues include a toy, others a pullout poster. Fans of the Wild Kratts show might find the magazine an engaging supplement to learn more about animals. The proliferation of exclamation points makes this a less serious offering than other nature magazines available for children. Nevertheless, there is a variety of participatory activities throughout the magazine, and the easy, predictable format is welcoming for children who just love animals and want to page through a wide variety of pictures and fact nuggets. The comparatively high price vs. content ratio makes this more an occasional treat than a regular occurrence.

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