Word Slam Family

Ages: 10 and upManufacturer: Thames & Kosmos


Word Slam Family is a game of charades with word cards. Each team of two or more players competes to win “answer” cards (cards from seven different categories, each with keywords on them, one of which must be described in each round). Every player on a team will take turns as the “storyteller” (someone who has a set of basic word cards (nouns, verbs, and adjectives, plus a few prepositions/adverbs) challenged to silently assemble the cards into a description of the answer word. As soon as the word cards are laid down, other members of the team can begin calling out guesses at the key word, and the first team to get the answer word wins the answer card.


Game play is not fast, but the time flies by; individual rounds go from a few seconds (in which, for example, a prompt of the single word “Science” led immediately to “Physics”) to several minutes. The game is very flexible; the instructions recommend playing 21 answer cards for a four-player game of experienced players, with three cards from each category, but for a faster game teams can play fewer cards from each category or toss out entire categories. The game can be played with as few as three players, where one player is the storyteller for the other two competing players; we preferred at least four players, however, because it is more fun when players can eavesdrop on the other team’s guesses to add to their own ideas, and after each round we loved comparing the two stories that were created. Because of the team nature of the game, the maximum number of people is limited only by how many people can see the story cards simultaneously.


Emily Crawford ©2019 Parents’ Choice


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