Y’Art Craft Kit – Pug Puppy

Ages: 8 and upManufacturer: Kahootz Toys


Instead of knitting with yarn, this clever craft kit has kids drawing with it.

The Pug Puppy preprinted sticky picture board is similar to a paint-by-numbers kit in that its divided into sections and numbers so kids know where to place the yarn.

With one hand, the yarn (included) is pulled through a “yarn pen” (a little plastic tube) and then young artists use their other hand to choose which of six colors of yarn to press onto the picture. This clear and simple concept had our testers creating some pretty unique designs! Our parent testers reported that although the technique is the same, every artist brings her/his perspective to each picture, allowing all to develop a signature look. One tester used swirls of yarn to fill in the spaces, another used a zig zag pattern, both creating a delightfully different design. The box can be used to display the completed Pug Puppy work of Y’Art.

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