Yeti, Set, Go!

Ages: 4 and upManufacturer: PlayMonster

The makers of “Yeti in My Spaghetti,” are back with another dexterity game; this one’s based on conquering Meatball Mountain.

Up to four players choose a Yeti and compete to see who can “kick”meatballs up and over the Snowy Meatball Mountain. Players tap the Yeti’s head to activate the kick, taking turns to be the first to get their meatballs to balance on the ledges OR be the first to get one meatball at the tippy top of the mountain. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Players need to judge distance and apply just the right amount of force to complete their goal.

Contents: 5-piece Snowy Meatball Mountain, flag, 4 Kickin’ Yetis, and 24 meatballs.

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